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Group of campers perform scene in front of camera

The Classes

At the Summer Acting Camp, your child will take 10 different classes every day! Students are grouped by age and rotate every 35 minutes to their next class. Each of the classes that your child will take daily are outlined below:


This class is designed to give students the fundamental building blocks for creating a character using the text and their imagination. In teaching the essential elements of acting, a diverse set of performance games are played to reinforce important ideas. As they move from text analysis to final rehearsals, emphasis is placed on spontaneity and creativity while maintaining focus and attention.


In this class, students are introduced to proper vocal technique. Through a combination of scales and breathing exercises, the students discover how to correctly support the voice while maintaining pitch, tone and resonance. In addition, the fundamentals of music theory and staff notation are taught utilizing ear training and visual aids. Careful attention is directed towards encouraging the students to truly listen and blend with one another.


With this class, students are taught the basic elements of tap dance. Using standard musical theatre selections, the students begin with elementary steps that quickly grow into complex routines and patterns. Included in the curriculum are a series of tap exercises designed to train the students' internal rhythm and external tempo. Advanced students can participate twice a week in the Tap Lab.


Beginning with "hand-to-hand" combat, this class gives the student a safe and reliable set of combat techniques for use on stage and in front of the camera. As the class progresses, more advanced concepts are outlined with older students studying a variety of armed maneuvers involving rapier, cutlass and broadsword. Deliberate attention is paid to safety, proper rehearsal methods and adequate preparation.


Designed to help improve students' physical coordination and spatial awareness, this class utilizes a select combination of yoga and beginning gymnastics. As the students start to identify areas of tension within their own bodies, a wide variety of individual stretches and balances are introduced. Advanced movement work consists of partner balances, basic tumbling and emotional characterization through position and movement.


One of our most popular classes, this course teaches the students the fundamental principles behind improvisation. Designed to provide the students with a solid foundation in standard "improv" games, the curriculum focuses heavily on imagination, creativity and "impulse dialogue". Students are strongly encouraged to free associate ideas and words while avoiding excessive analyzing of improvisational situations.


In this class, students are given a chance to explore the inner workings of technical theatre like no other acting camp! With state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, the Summer Acting Camp is the perfect "technical laboratory" for students to learn how live theatre is created. Included in the course are demonstrations on lighting (including a new unit on LED lighting), sound, fly systems, scrims, cycs and special effects.


This class offers students an opportunity to learn the specific demands of acting in front of the camera. Students are taught basic on-camera etiquette including "slating", "hitting your mark", camera awareness and auditor expectations. The class also focuses on proper audition technique - all of the students receive both "prepared sides" and "cold sides" to be used individually and with a partner.


With this class, students are given a backstage pass into the secret world of magicians. Focusing solely on "sleight-of-hand", participants in this workshop are taught three incredibly deceptive yet simple effects. Emphasis is placed on helping students with devising effective "patter" (or dialogue) when creating and presenting their routine. Students are also given a brief history of each effect.


Using their imagination, students will explore different ways to create vibrant, emotionally honest characters. This class works in conjunction with the main acting class to help the campers bring their characters to life when rehearsing their scenes for the final show. Careful attention is placed on building a complete character backstory while establishing a clear point of view for the character.

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