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Three campers pose for a picture

Camp Rules


Our rules and regulations have changed to protect our campers, their families, and our staff. Be sure to check our Health and Safety page frequently as these rules and regulations are subject to change without notice based on the recommendations and guidance of local health officials and the CDC.


Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 am in the La Canada High School back parking lot off of Foothill Boulevard (see MAP for directions). Camp begins promptly at 8:00 am. It is understood that parents must check their children in with a Summer Acting Camp staff member – they may not simply drop their child off in the parking lot. We ask that all parents/guardians REMAIN IN THEIR CAR during drop-off. We have an efficient car-line system, and parking or walking up severely slows down the process and affects everyone's ability to drop-off their child. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY in the parking lot - there are small children present.  PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY in the parking lot - there are small children present. 


Camp ends at 3:30 pm and students can be picked up as early as 3:45 pm. Students may stay at the camp until 5:30 pm at no extra charge. If a student needs to be picked up earlier than 3:40 pm, please send us a text at (818) 957-1619 (see full instructions below in EARLY PICK-UP). When a child leaves the camp, the parent/guardian MUST check their child out with a Summer Acting Camp staff member. We ask that all parents/guardians remain in their car during pick-up. We have an efficient car-line system, and parking or walking up severely slows down the process and affects everyone's ability to pick up their child. If you must walk-up, please park your car in a marked parking stall. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY in the parking lot - there are small children present. Additionally, please be patient and understanding when picking up your child. Additionally, please be patient if you arrive between 3:45 pm and 4:30 pm as this is our busiest time at the end of the day.


We do not need to be notified of your carpool arrangements, nor do we need to know the names of everyone picking up your child. Please make sure your child knows the person that will be picking them up each day and that the person picking them up knows the full names of all the children in their carpool. We will not release any student to be picked up by someone they don't recognize or that doesn't know their full name.


Need to pick up your child before 3:00 pm? No problem! Simply text us at (818) 957-1619 informing us as to when you'll be picking up your child that day. You will need to let us know the name of your camper and what time you will be picking them up in your text message. When you arrive for your early pick up, please come sign your camper out at the camp office. We are not able to bring them out to the parking lot. Early pick-ups must be communicated on the day of by texting us. We are not able to accept early pick up requests via you leaving a voicemail. We CANNOT accommodate early pick-ups between 3:00 pm and 3:45 pm.


All students must be picked up by 5:30 pm. After this time, you will be charged $5.00 per minute for the first 30 minutes and $10.00 per minute thereafter. This fee will go towards covering the cost of staff members supervising your child past camp hours. An invoice will be sent within 24 hours of a camper being picked up late. Campers and parents will be unable to receive any further extras until their late fee is paid.

Masks and Dress Code


The Summer Acting Camp dress code seeks to accomplish the following goals:

  • Cultivate a secure learning environment for campers in various classes, especially those involving messy activities or physical movement, by encouraging the use of protective or supportive clothing.

  • Embrace individuality by allowing students to choose clothing that is comfortable for them and enables self-expression.

  • Support self-identity by permitting students to wear clothing that aligns with their gender identity.

  • Uphold a positive atmosphere by prohibiting clothing and accessories displaying offensive images, profanity, hate speech, or suggestive imagery.

  • Promote a safe environment by restricting clothing depicting or advocating violence, gang affiliation, or the use of alcohol or drugs.

  • Ensure equal treatment for all students, irrespective of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, body type/size, religion, or personal style.


Summer Acting Camp asks for assistance at home to ensure the items and clothing campers are sent to camp in each day are appropriate and will heighten their ability to participate in all the daily activities. It is not our objective to criticize a camper’s sense on style or comfort and we want campers to feel safe and supported at camp. We would ask the following principles to be respected when selecting clothing items to wear each day:


  • All private body parts be fully covered with solid fabric.

  • Clothing must cover undergarments and not be overly loose, fitted, short, or long.

  • Hats and headwear must allow for the camper’s face to be fully visible. If the hat were to become a distraction for the camper or affect their ability to fully participate, a staff member can request them to place it in their bag. Religious or medical attire is exempt.

  • Campers are required to wear close toed and heeled, with soles shoes. Shoes that are not permittable: sandals, flip flops, crocs, slippers.

  • Campers are required to wear socks with their shoes daily or bring a pair of socks daily for Movement and Tap classes.


If campers wear items that go against the above-described dress code, we will inform home. Depending on the severity, a change of clothes will be provided to the camper, or a change of clothes can be brought to camp. Our goal is to have campers not need to change out of the items they wore to camp, so they can feel comfortable and supported in the program.


Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is not required to attend Summer Acting Camp 2024. An up-to-date booster is highly recommended for all campers. 

Breaks and Lunch


Breaks and lunch are held outdoors in the shade. There are two nutrition breaks and a lunch break every day. Students must bring a sack lunch with them every day as well as a water bottle with their name clearly written on it. Teachers cannot purchase food for students. There is no microwave or refrigerator. We do not allow any personal electronic devices during the breaks or lunch (including but not limited to smartphones, handheld electronic gaming devices, etc.) We do have a snack shack that sells candy, chips, and small drinks each day. Snack items are all $2 each, except on the second to last Friday when all items are $1. There is no snack shack on the remaining 3 days of the Session due to rehearsals and the Final Show.


It is understood that the students will be dismissed to use the bathroom for safety reasons. Younger students will be escorted to the bathroom by a staff member. Students agree to behave themselves while in the bathroom and not deface or vandalize the restrooms in any way. 


The Summer Acting Camp has a full-time, registered nurse on-site during camp hours trained in first aid, CPR, and epi-pen administration. If a student needs to take any type of medication while at camp (including but not limited to Tylenol, Advil or Benadryl), parents must notify us in advance how the medication is to be administered. All medication (both prescription and non-prescription) must be in its original packaging. Students may keep the medication with them in class if their parents have notified us in advance - otherwise, the medication will be kept with our nurse. It is understood that any severe allergies or other medical conditions (including but not limited to diabetes, epilepsy, etc.) must be fully disclosed BEFORE the child begins the program.


Please carefully read through Summer Acting Camp's Behavior Policy.


Summer Acting Camp’s Goal: Creating a space for kindness and creativity.


At Summer Acting Camp, respect is not just a rule but the essence of our creative safe space. Our mission is to nurture a space where stepping into the shoes of another person, artist, or character fosters not only creativity but also compassion. We believe in the transformative power of understanding and kindness, and that's the spirit we bring to the stage.


BULLYING: There is zero tolerance for profanity, disrespect, name-calling, bigotry, and bullying. We're crafting an environment of respect. In the event we are made aware of or witness any bullying, campers will be granted one warning. We will also immediately contact the camper’s parents or guardians and inform them of the incident. We'll try to mediate, guide, and redirect towards better behavior. Following the initial conversation and mediation, with an attempt to encourage more positive behavior, if a camper causes a second disturbance, they will be asked to leave the program and a refund will not be provided.


INAPPROPRIATE PHYSICAL CONTACT: No rough play—no pushing, shoving, or any form of aggression. We do not permit running in camp. There are physical elements of the camp curriculum, but unless safely instructed to do so, campers are to keep their hands and full bodies to themselves. Staff is not able to carry campers at any time.


CLASSROOM DISTURBANCE: Campers are to remain respectful and considerate in the classroom. If they are unwilling to participate, make repetitive negative comments, or cause a purposeful disturbance in classroom, they will be removed from the classroom. Each class’s curriculum is full of exciting and fun ways to learn content and grow in the arts, but campers are to act in a way that allows for all of those who are attending the program to benefit from the content we have prepared.


VANDALISMStudents may not deface or vandalize the facilities in any way. Vandalism will result in suspension from the camp and additional fees to cover the damages.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED AT CAMP: Students are not allowed to bring any kind of weapon to the camp (this includes Swiss army knives, etc.) and are asked not to bring cell phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, handheld gaming devices, or other electronic devices, or collectibles which might become damaged, lost, or stolen. Summer Acting Camp also reserves the right to keep items at the front desk for the duration of the camp day if there is an item that is causing concern, classroom disruption, or doesn’t follow the camp guidelines.


PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Students are responsible for any items they are allowed to bring or choose to bring to camp. Campers carry their items with them from class to class and have a designated spot to leave their items in each classroom. It is understood that the Summer Acting Camp, its staff and subsidiaries, TEG, the La Canada Playhouse and its staff, La Canada High School, and its staff, and the City of La Canada are not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen items that the students may elect to bring with them to the Summer Acting Camp.


GUESTS IN THE CLASSROOM: Parents, guardians, and other individuals, other than Summer Acting Camp staff and campers are not allowed into the classrooms under any circumstances. Once campers are checked in at the front desk, camp staff will escort them to their designated classroom. Guests of any kind are not allowed for the safety of all campers and staff.


PARENT SUPPORT: Parents and guardians of campers, we ask that you be our partners in this. We ask that you remind your campers of our behavior expectations as outlined in the above policy. We intend to work alongside you and care for your campers in the best way possible. If you have a concern during the program, please reach out to us. We ask that you always treat all our staff members with respect. Parents may not upbraid, insult, or otherwise abuse Summer Acting Camp staff and/or other students.


As mentioned previously, if a camper is unable to be a positive community member at Summer Acting Camp, they will be asked to leave the program and no refund will be given. Campers will be allowed to improve their behavior, however, repeat violations of our behavior expectations will not be tolerated. 


The Summer Acting Camp is a "device-free" program. We want the campers to turn off their screens and fully explore their imagination and creativity! As such, students may not use any cell phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, handheld gaming devices. or other electronic devices during the camp. Students can bring a cell phone with them for emergency purposes ONLY - however, if a student needs to contact their parent, we ask they use the camp phone at the front desk. Students are also not allowed to bring any cameras, video cameras, or recording devices with them to camp. If any of these items are brought to camp they will be kept at the front desk until the camper checks out that afternoon.


Campers' belongings are to be kept with that individual camper while at camp. Materials used during camp (i.e. scripts, art supplies, magic supplies, etc) will be provided separately for each individual student. Campers are permitted from sharing food. 


It is understood that all images, testimonials, photos, video, and audio taken at or in connection with the Summer Acting Camp are the sole and exclusive property of the Summer Acting Camp and its parent company, Theatrical Education Group. As a condition of participation, it is understood and authorized that photos, video, and/or audio may be taken of camp participants. It is also understood and agreed that said content may be used by Summer Acting Camp and/or Theatrical Education Group in promotional materials, marketing collateral, and online media.


Early Bird tuition is $1,195.00 for each 3-week session, but payment must be made in full by March 1st to qualify for the Early Bird price. If a camper is registered for camp between March 2nd and April 1st, tuition for the camp is $1,350.00 for each 3-week session. If a camper is registered for camp after April 1st, tuition for the camp is $1,470.00 for each 3-week session. Payment is due in full upon submission of your registration. We are unable to hold spots or extend payment discounts or price levels past their allotted deadline. Summer Acting Camp only offers registration for full 3-week long sessions - we are unable to prorate tuition for missed days or weeks.


By entering a valid discount code, the total tuition cost will be reduced by $75.00. Discount codes cannot be combined with the Early Bird tuition rate, cannot be applied to previously submitted applications and may only be used once per student.


If a tuition check doesn't clear because of insufficient funds, it is understood and agreed that the parent will pay the associated bank fee with the bounced check. Additionally, please be aware that should you choose to pay by credit card, your statement will show either "THEATRICAL ED GROUP" or "THEATRE GRP" as the payee. If you have any questions regarding the charge on your statement, please contact us before disputing the charge with your bank to avoid any chargeback fees.

Cancellation Policy


Please read the following carefully for our cancellation policy. You must notify us in writing via email if you desire to cancel your enrollment. We are not able to accept refund or cancellation requests over the phone or via voicemail. Please allow up to two weeks to process your cancellation and issue you confirmation of your refund and/or credit on file. Should you have to cancel, our company has created an online learning platform called TEG Online Academy with over 50 video lessons and over 40 downloadable activities for virtual arts enrichment.  


  1. Written refund requests received before March 1st will be refunded in their entirety except for $150. This is a non-refundable deposit used to cover the costs of registration and set up of camp.

  2. Written refund requests received before April 1st will be refunded in their entirety, minus 50% of tuition paid.

  3. Written refund requests received before May 1st will be refunded in their entirety, minus 75% of tuition paid. 

  4. No refunds will be granted after May 1st. If you elect to cancel your registration, we can offer you a full credit for your tuition for a future session (providing we have space - please contact us for availability). 

If camp is cancelled because of a natural disaster (including but not limited to earthquakes, fires, pandemics), we will offer you a full credit for another session - there are no refunds. With regards to COVID-19, we will be following the guidance of local health officials and the CDC. We understand that there has been disagreement in the past between different state and federal government agencies regarding school closures and stay at home orders - as such, any decision to close will be based on the best available science to ensure that we are keeping our campers and their families as well as our staff safe and healthy. Please know that we do not want to close camp - it is our fervent desire to stay open. However, the health and safety of everyone must come first, and so we will close the camp if instructed to do so by local health officials.


Theatrical Education Group does not share any student and/or parent registration information with any other parties. Theatrical Education Group does not store or have access to any payment information (including but not limited to credit card information). All payments and refunds are handled directly through PayPal. Theatrical Education Group does not share email addresses with any outside parties, and emails from Theatrical Education Group are confined solely to communications regarding the Summer Acting Camp.


At Summer Acting Camp, we prioritize the safety, organization, and positive experience of each camper. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable camp journey for everyone, we have implemented a policy regarding the labeling of personal items brought by campers.


PURPOSE: The primary purpose of this policy is to prevent the loss of personal belongings and facilitate a quick and efficient process for reuniting lost items with their owners. Clear labeling ensures that each camper's possessions are easily identifiable, reducing the likelihood of confusion and loss.


MANDATORY LABELING: All campers are required to come to camp with their personal items labeled with their first name and last initial or first initial and last name. Items to label include, but are not limited to, jackets, lunchboxes, water bottles, and backpacks.


LOST AND UNLABLED ITEMS: If a camper loses a personal item, camp staff will make reasonable efforts to identify the owner and campers are allowed to access the lost and found. If the owner is determined, it will be labeled with a blue tape tag by camp staff.


Camp staff will regularly remind campers and their parents or guardians about the importance of labeling personal items during orientation and throughout the camping session. Blue tape labels will be applied to lost, unlabeled items as needed, ensuring a standardized and recognizable identification method.


Lost and Found items that are not claimed will be donated at the end of each session. Summer Acting Camp will not be held responsible for lost items.


By adhering to this labeling policy, we aim to create a more organized and secure camping environment for all participants, fostering a positive and memorable experience at Summer Acting Camp.


At the Summer Acting Camp, we look to cultivate more than just performers; we seek to foster a community of appreciative audience members. Recognizing that being a stellar performer goes hand-in-hand with being an exemplary audience member, we extend our call for etiquette to our valued parents and attendees during the final shows.


Consider yourselves not just spectators but role models for our aspiring performers. As a part of our curriculum, we will be teaching your campers how to behave as respectful audience members. As such, when attending a Summer Acting Camp performance, we kindly request that you embody the essence of a discerning audience member. This means silencing your phones, refraining from talking, staying in your seat, and minimizing unnecessary movement during the final production. Please also refrain from shouting at performers or walking up to the stage.


In doing so, you not only enhance the overall experience for everyone present but also set a shining example for our young artists and performers.

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