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I wanted to thank you, the organizers, and all the teachers at Summer Acting Camp. My daughter is absolutely loving it! This has been her favorite camp this year, and she wants to do it again next year!

Carlos Salinas - Parent

I wanted to let you know that this is far and away my daughter's favorite camp she has ever been to.  She wrote down a list of the games she played in the classes and has our family play them with her every day. As a parent, I was completely impressed with how organized the camp was, the range of classes they got to participate in, and the great camp staff.  Not to mention the fantastic performance at the end. We will definitely be back next summer!

Chris Godinez - Parent

My daughter had the BEST time at camp this year.  Thank you so much! We loved the show and seeing how much she learned and how much she enjoyed learning it.

Seonna Biskup - Parent

We wanted to express to you and the rest of the staff how grateful we are for the kindness and compassion that has been shown towards our son during the first session of the Summer Acting Camp. He had such a wonderful experience at camp. From drop-off to pick-up, the counselors made a point of emphasis to greet our son with warmth and enthusiasm. Every day he had a new and exciting adventure to share with us about what he had learned. We hope at some point during the camp you will have the opportunity to share this note with the camp counselors. Thank you again and we are looking forward to having our son attend both sessions next year!!

Susan & Rusty Proctor - Parent

Our girls enjoyed the Summer Acting Camp so much - our oldest for the 8th year!  We are starting to make plans for next summer and our girls can't wait to return to your camp!

Cathleen & Bill Cox-Bain - Parent

Just want to say thanks for a great 3 week session at Summer Acting Camp. Our son had a great time and we really enjoyed the finale show. Who knew an 8 year old could get so excited about armed stage combat? Again, thanks for a great summer and we can't wait to do it again next year!

David Cassell - Parent

Thanks again for a great camp. All three of my boys had a wonderful time!

Karen Bomar - Parent

Hi there!  My son has really enjoyed your summer camp!  He loves the variety of the classes and has really had a great time!

Susan Callahan - Parent

I personally want to express my appreciation to you and your team for putting together such an amazing show tonight. It was well put together, very organized, and extremely entertaining. Thank you for all your support in teaching these kids what they know today. It's incredible and I know it took a lot of dedication from your team! Thank you! My daughter enjoyed being a part of the Summer Acting Camp and we can't wait for next year!!!! Great job!!

Marisa Pena Gamboa - Parent

We loved the show! Thank you so much for the great work you put into this project. My son is already missing the camp (he told me so)!

Claudia Estrada - Parent

My daughter is having an amazing time at the Summer Acting Camp - we can't wait to see the show this Friday. This has been the most meaningful experience for my daughter and has transformed her.  If I could get out of our vacation, I would - it has been that life-changing for her. Thanks so much for your consideration and for providing such a wonderful program. We are just so incredibly grateful! Thank you!

Margie Fester - Parent

LOVED the show Friday night.  I am always so amazed at what you guys accomplish in just 3 weeks with all of those kids!!!  Amazing. Great job to the ENTIRE staff - my daughter really had a blast!!!

Jen Peterson - Parent

I just wanted to extend a big THANKS to you and the other Summer Acting Staff for all the hard work done to make our boys' acting experience so much fun and edifying! They are really enjoying it and absolutely loved performing in the play last night! My husband and I were so impressed with their cute performances and all the hard work that went into the play itself! Everything was so organized and well-thought out. We also really appreciated our boys being in the same singing group on stage so we could record in one spot versus going back and forth :) Your great leadership shows! Both boys look forward to another 3 weeks :)

Carissa Weber - Parent

We really enjoyed the kid's performances and they enjoyed the camp. I believe it is one of the best values out there for a summer activity for kids.

Rick Trotta - Parent

My kid has come home so tired (and happy) that she is going to bed on her own an hour early every night. Keep it up Summer Acting Camp!

Richard Forster - Parent

My six year old son absolutely LOVED the Summer Acting Camp! I was so amazed at his monologue in the performance. I had NO IDEA he could memorize so much! He never practiced it at home - not once. I LOVED watching him tap dance - soooo adorable.  He loved the acrobatics and stage combat the best.  He wants to "come back every summer for the rest of his life!" The camp was extremely well-organized as was the performance. I couldn't be happier with our experience!

Terri Mickel - Parent

Our son is returning for his 4th summer, which is amazing! He never tires of the Summer Acting Camp, which is saying a lot. Thanks for everything you do!

Amy Benedict - Parent

I really appreciate the opportunity you gave my son to be in the acting camp.  Not having any family on the west coast, my son has been in many summer and winter camps, but I have never seen him with such enthusiasm at the beginning and end of each camp day.  Nor has it ever been so easy to get him out of the house in the morning! Thank you.

Bob O’Neill - Parent

The final show on Friday was brilliant! It really made my whole week! You guys do a great job with the kids and the energy is phenomenal.

I just want to let you know that we're so impressed with the quality of your camp! Both of my kids have enjoyed every day of the last three weeks at camp. It's fun and educational with great teachers and great programs. It's an amazing camp! My kids have already made the request to come back next summer. :-) They love all of the teachers there! (Did I say that already?)

Juowei Lee - Parent

The show was amazing as usual!  My wife and I fall in love with what you guys are doing every time we see the show!

Andrew Villaverde - Parent

Wanted to tell you that my boys are thrilled with camp! They are energized and inspired when they come home - thinking up ways to disappear a coin and singing "secret" songs that we're not supposed to know about yet. THANK YOU!! I can see their minds moving in crazy new direction, their confidence growing and their imagination flowing... all in 4 days!! Thanks again for all that you do!

Anna Hayes - Parent

We have been so impressed with the camp and how organized everything is!

Betsy Wilbur - Parent

Thank you for running such a wonderful summer camp in which kids really enjoy themselves and learn something about acting, singing, and performing on the stage also. Watching their performance is so enjoyable!

Doris Shi - Parent

Leslie Riley - Parent

Summer Acting Camp is our kids' favorite camp each year. The work all of you do is so important to the emotional development of all of these kids.  The confidence and skills gained from this camp has ripple effects throughout the whole year. We appreciate the hard work you all do and are so thankful for Justin's leadership in providing such an important opportunity through Summer Acting Camp

Christina Armstrong - Parent

Thanks again for being such an amazing influence on our boys! Your camp has had a profound effect on both of them.

Buzz Hays - Parent

Thank you for putting up such a great show last Friday. I was totally amazed to see my little boy perform on stage. He enjoyed it and we loved it!

Rakhi Tandon - Parent

My daughters loved the camp this year. Thank you for helping to put together such a fun experience for them!

Carolyn Klas - Parent

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for an amazing experience for our daughter. She had the most fun she’s ever had at a camp with you guys. We will definitely be back!

Nicole Lorey - Parent

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